Health and Safety Plan Development

We help your organization develop policies and procedures that serve as guidelines for your business, instructing employees on how to conduct their roles safely. These policies set the overall expectations and emphasize the importance of safety.
Procedures include specific plans of action for carrying out the policy. They offer step-by-step instructions for safely performing tasks and ensuring compliance with the established policy. Such policies would include Emergency Evacuation Procedures, Communication Protocols, Personal Protective Equipment, Fall Protection and Ladder Safety among several other topics. We also provide ongoing support to help your organization maintain and update the HASP.

Regulatory Compliance

We help your organization comply with OSHA, DOB, FDNY, DEP, DOT and NYCT regulations. 
We offer consulting services to help employers understand and comply with complex regulations.

Safety Audits/ Inspections

We offer ongoing comprehensive safety audits to evaluate your projects and make actionable recommendations to improve your safety program and help your company receive insurance discounts. You will receive detailed reports with pictures for your review and records. These ongoing audits will help your organization maintain a low EMR (Experience Modification Rating), reduce the risk of Lost Time (recordable incidents) and save on insurance premiums.

Safety Training

We offer a variety of safety training programs to help employees recognize and prevent workplace hazards. Our classes include OSHA and NYC DOB approved courses. Our training curriculum covers topics such as hazard communication, personal protective equipment, electrical safety and fall protection among several other topics. We also offer customized training programs to meet specific employer needs.

Contract Safety Director (Our Signature Service)

This service provides comprehensive safety support for businesses. This service includes coordinating all safety-related activities to ensure your company’s needs are met.

Who can take advantage of this service:
This service is ideal for General Contractors and/or Subcontractors of all sizes in the construction industry. Whether you want to improve, achieve or sustain a safety culture, or genuinely care about protecting your employees and want your company to succeed, our Signature Service is designed for you.

Included Tasks:

Safety Program Development & Updates: We help create and maintain effective safety programs tailored to your business.
Regulatory Compliance: We help you comply with Federal, State and City regulations and standards.
Safety Meeting Guidance: We provide guidance for conducting effective safety meetings.
Safety Audits: We conduct ongoing safety audits to ensure compliance, identify safety deficiencies and make recommendations to improve your safety program.
Injury & Incident Investigations: When incidents occur, we investigate thoroughly to prevent recurrence.
Safety Training: We conduct training sessions to teach your employees essential safety practices.

Customizable Packages:

Our service can be tailored to your needs. You choose a package based on the number of allotted hours per month, which can be adjusted as your needs change.
Feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions or need further details!