We believe…

that at the heart of every organization, there exists a silent force committed to safeguarding lives, well-being, and prosperity- the safety professional. Our mission is to weave safety into the very fabric of your workplace, creating a culture where safety isn’t just a checkbox—it’s a shared purpose. Our committed consultants are proactive advocates for safety, striving to establish and uphold a strong culture of safety.

It pays to be safe…

because the preservation of human life is paramount.

Safety is indeed invaluable, transcending mere monetary considerations. While financial gains are essential for sustaining business, the true essence of safety lies in preserving human lives.
In the context of workplace safety, organizations should recognize that investing in safety practices and protocols is not just about the bottom line—it’s about safeguarding their most valuable asset: their employees. When workers are protected from harm, productivity increases, absenteeism decreases, and overall morale improves. 

Safety is a fundamental aspect of any organization, extending far beyond economic considerations.

Safety is crucial for several reasons:

1. Human Well-Being: Safety directly impacts the health and well-being of employees, customers, and the community. A safe workplace reduces accidents, injuries, and illnesses, promoting physical and mental health.

2. Productivity and Efficiency: Safe work environments lead to higher productivity. When employees feel secure, they can focus on their tasks without fear, resulting in better performance and efficiency.

3. Employee Morale and Satisfaction: A commitment to safety demonstrates care for employees. When workers feel valued and protected, their job satisfaction increases, leading to better retention rates and a positive work culture.

4. Legal Compliance: Compliance with safety regulations is essential. Violations can result in fines, legal battles, and damage to a company’s reputation. Prioritizing safety ensures adherence to laws and standards.

5. Reputation and Brand Image: Companies known for safety-conscious practices build trust with customers, investors, and partners. A strong safety record enhances a brand’s reputation and attracts stakeholders.

6. Cost Savings: While safety investments may seem costly initially, they prevent expensive consequences such as medical bills, legal fees, and lost productivity due to accidents. Long-term savings outweigh short-term expenses.

7. Risk Mitigation: Safety measures reduce risks associated with hazardous materials, equipment malfunctions, and workplace incidents. Minimizing risks protects both people and assets.

8. Community Impact: Unsafe practices can harm the environment and local communities. Responsible safety practices contribute to sustainable development and positive community relations.

In summary, safety transcends financial gains—it’s about safeguarding lives, fostering trust, and creating a resilient, thriving organization. 

Protect your bottom-line…

because a safe workplace leads to significant reductions in workers’ compensation premiums. Fewer accidents mean lower medical costs and lost time. We help your organization go beyond achieving compliance with regulatory standards, we help establish a culture of safety thus leaving little room for major accidents to occur. We care about the well-being of the workforce as well as the satisfactory performance and successful completion of your project. 

Use “OSHA’s $afety Pays” Calculator…

to calculate the estimated costs of occupational injuries, illnesses and the estimated impact on a company’s profitability checkout the link below from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. OSHA’s “$afety Pays” tool is a free online calculator using data on workplace injury costs compiled from the National
Council on Compensation Insurance. It leverages that data on your behalf to calculate the direct and indirect costs of an injury, as well as the additional revenue you would need to offset these costs.
It covers several different types of injuries and illnesses.
The process is simple. Follow the link and steps below.

1. Select an injury type from the drop-down menu. You can also enter the total workers’ compensation costs spent on that injury.

2. Enter your profit margin. You can leave the spot blank if you want to use a default margin of 3%.

3. Enter the number of injuries. The default is one, so if you’re trying to calculate one injury, leave the space blank.s

4. Select “Add/Calculate” and take a look at the various estimated total costs in the next section down below. If you want to add additional injuries to the list to show the cost of your injuries for the year, simply repeat the whole process rather than clicking “Clear”.

Et voila: a clear, easy-to-understand estimate of how your workplace injuries are hurting your bottom line.

$afety Pays Program Estimator

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