32 Hour Rigging Supervisor


This course is a requirement for an individual who is not a licensed rigger or a designated foreman of a licensed rigger prior to supervising the hoisting or lowering of articles on the outside of a building in New York City (NYC). In lieu of completing this course, an individual may instead possess a national rigging certification (NCCO).


Introduction to Cranes and Derricks.
Crane and rigging accidents.
OSHA 1926 Subpart CC overview.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
Material handling, storage and housekeeping.
Fall Protection.
NYC Building Code and agency (DOB, DEP, DOT, MTA) overview.
Inspection of cranes, ropes and operator responsibilities.
Maintenance and repair of cranes and ropes.
Plan reading.
Hazards of operating in a dense urban environment, power lines, high wind hazards.
Prohibition against hoisting over pedestrians, traffic and adjoining buildings.
Shut-down procedures.
Communication while rigging (radios, hand signals, flags, etc.).
Reading load charts, lifting and lowering loads.
Safety protocol and emergency procedures.
Crane assembly, jumping and disassembly.


There are no prerequisites needed to attend this course. Students must have experience with rigging and be familiar with terminology.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

Supervise rigging operations on a job site.
Inspect all rigging equipment.
Ensure that workers are practicing safe rigging operations.
Ensure that fall protection methods are followed.


This course consists of power point presentations, lecture, real-life case studies, class discussion and hands on demonstrations. We will provide a student manual and in-class practical exercises.




32 hours of in-class training (excluding breaks).