8 Hour Climber / Tower Crane Rigger Renewal


In order to renew a Climber/Tower Crane Rigger certification in New York City (NYC), all workers must successfully complete this mandated 8 hour training course.


Building Code, Rules of the City of New York, and OSHA standards.
Rigging equipment, new technology, industry trends.
Performing thorough inspections.
Worker safety, PPE, Fall Protection.
Legislative updates.


This training is geared for construction foremen, riggers, rigging inspectors, and crane operators who assist/supervise erecting, jumping, or dismantling a tower crane.  You must have taken the 30-Hour Climber/Tower Crane Rigger course.
Course objectives:

Obtain Code, Bulletin, and Rule updates.
Examine accidents to prevent future incidents.
Choose safe work practices at their construction sites based on prudent decision-making.
Identify rigging equipment and their hazards.
Analyze the qualifications for Mast Climbers, Cranes, and apply these methods to their plan, setup and inspection.
Inspect rigging hardware and recognize inadequate conditions.
Explain the proper use and limitations of various rigging equipment and hardware (wire rope, synthetic slings, shackles, eyebolts, hooks, etc.).
State the proper hand signals used during lifting operations.
Recognize the responsibilities and practices of the Qualified Operator, Inspector, and Rigger.


This course consists of power point presentations, lecture, real life case studies, class discussion and hands on demonstrations. We will provide a student manual, and in-class practical exercises.




This course is 8 classroom hours (excluding breaks).